Nokia 2116i - 10. Minibrowser

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10. Minibrowser

Minibrowser is a carrier dependent feature and a network service. See "Network
Services," page 7.

Your device has a built-in browser you can use to connect to selected services on
the mobile Internet. If your wireless service provider supports this feature, then you
can view weather reports, check news or flight times, view financial information,
and much more. The web browser on your device can display WAP-based content.

Your device may have some bookmarks loaded for sites not affiliated with Nokia.
Nokia does not warrant or endorse these sites. If you choose to access them, you
should take the same precautions, for security or content, as you would with any
Internet site.

Mobile Internet access

Because mobile Internet content is designed to be viewed from your device, your
wireless provider is now your mobile Internet service provider as well.

Your wireless provider has created a home page and set up your browser to go to
this page when you log on to the mobile Internet. At your service provider’s home
page, you may find links to a number of other sites.

It should not be necessary to manually configure the browser on your device.
Normally this is done by your wireless provider when you have subscribed to the
feature. Contact your wireless provider if you have problems using the browser.

Sign on to the mobile Internet

Depending on your device’s carrier, in the standby mode, select







After a brief pause, your device attempts to connect to your wireless provider’s home
page. If you receive an error message, your device may not be set up for browsing.
Contact your wireless provider to make sure that your device is configured properly.

Navigate the mobile Internet

Since your device screen is much smaller than a computer screen, mobile Internet
content is displayed differently than you may be accustomed to seeing. This
section contains guidelines for using device keys to navigate a WAP site.

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M i n i b r o w s e r


Device keys

To browse the WAP site, scroll up or down.

To back-step one page, press end.

To select a link or perform an action on a page, press the selection key that
corresponds to that action.

To change the text input mode, press # until the desired mode is displayed.

To enter letters and numbers, press a key from 0–9. Press a key once to insert
the first letter on the key, twice for the second letter, etc.

To enter special characters, press * in text mode.

Receive a call while online

If your data connection is not active, you may still be able to receive a voice call
while using the WAP browser.

To answer the incoming call, press the call key. To decline the call, press the end key.

During your voice call, you may not be able to load new pages into the browser.

If your data connection is active, then the incoming calls may be automatically
forwarded to voice mail, depending on your carrier.

Make an emergency call while online

You can end your data connection and then make an emergency call.

1. To close your mobile Internet connection, press and hold the end key.

2. Enter the emergency number for your present location (for example, 911).

Emergency numbers vary by location.

3. Press the call key.


To close your mobile Internet connection, press and hold the end key.

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