Nokia 2116i - 1. Device at a glance

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1. Device at a glance

Power key (1)

Microphone (7)

Earpiece (2)

Charger port (8)

Right selection key (3)

Scroll up and down key (9)

End key (4)

Call key (10)

Keypad (5)

Left selection key (11)

Connection port (6)

Screen (12)

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D e v i c e a t a g l a n c e


The start screen

The start screen is home base and indicates your device is in the standby mode.

Signal strength (1)—A higher bar indicates a stronger network signal.

Battery level (2)—A higher bar indicates more power in the battery.


(3)—Press the left selection key to select this option.


(4)—Press the right selection key to select this option.

Quick keys

In the standby mode, scroll up to activate the flashlight, or scroll down to go to
the contacts list.

Indicators and icons



You have one or more text or picture messages. See "Read a
message," page 33.

You have one or more voice messages. See "Voice messages,"
page 37.

You are making a call with the device. See "Make a call,"
page 17.

Your device keypad is locked. See "Keyguard," page 19.

Your device is set to the Silent profile. See "Profiles,"
page 45.

The alarm clock is set to On. See "Alarm clock," page 60.

The countdown timer is running. See "Countdown timer,"
page 65.

The stopwatch timing is running in the background.
See "Stopwatch," page 65.

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D e v i c e a t a g l a n c e


Get the most out of this guide

The following sections illustrate the various components of your device. Familiarize
yourself with these sections to help you understand the instructions that follow.

This guide uses certain terms for the steps that you are asked to perform:

Press means to press and release a key quickly. For example, press 7 means press
the key on the keypad that is labeled with the number 7 and the letters pqrs.

Press and hold means to press and hold a key for 2–3 seconds, then release
the key.

Selection keys are used to select menu options. To select an option, press the
selection key below the menu item on the device screen.

Scroll keys are used to move up and down in the menus.

Press the call key to place a call or to answer an incoming call.

Press the end key to end a call or press and hold to return to standby mode.

Device menus

Device features are grouped according to function and are accessed through the
main menus. Each main menu contains submenus and lists from which you can
select or view items and customize your device features. You can access these
menus and submenus by using the scroll method.

Integrated hands free is active.

The timed profile is selected. See "Profiles," page 45.

, or



An enhancement is connected to the device.


Voice privacy encryption is active (or is not active)
in the network.


Location info sharing is set to Emergency or On.
See "Location info sharing," page 46.

Device is roaming outside of your home network.

Device is in an 1XRTT network.
See "Network Services," page 7.



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D e v i c e a t a g l a n c e


Scroll method

1. In the standby mode, select


, and scroll through the main menu using

the up and down scroll key.

2. When you arrive at a menu, press


(the left selection key) to enter a

submenu. Select


to enter submenus for minibrowser.



from the submenu level to return to the previous menu.



from the main menu level or press the end key to return to

the start screen from any menu or submenu.


You can go directly to almost any menu or submenu, as well as activate most
features by using a shortcut.

In the standby mode, select


; then within 3 seconds press the key or keys

associated with the menu function you would like to view or activate.

For example, to quickly display your phone’s calendar, select


5-2 from the

main screen (


> 5


> 2


). After a brief pause, the phone

displays the calendar.

In-phone help

Many features have brief descriptions (help text) that can be viewed on the
display. To view these descriptions, scroll to a feature, and wait for about 10
seconds. If needed, select


to view all of the description or


to exit.

In order to view the descriptions, you must first activate help text.

1. In the standby mode, select





Phone settings


Help text activation


2. Select


to display help text or


to turn this feature off.

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